Your guide to building a thriving business on Wayfair.

Here’s the lowdown on how to start on Wayfair and turn your business into a powerhouse.

Start with the essentials: inventory and fulfilment.

Prepare a full list of your products and gather images that will help them stand out. Don’t forget guides and videos!
To deliver orders to customers, you’ll need a warehouse or third-party logistics partner in the UK or European Union.

Get started with our how-to guide.

Your Wayfair onboarding checklist:

Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need to set up your business and get ready for your first orders.

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Great Products
A broad selection with great merchandising and competitive prices is sure to win customers over.

Learn how a full assortment helps you win.

Learn how to optimise your listings.
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Strong Availability
To capitalise on every conversion opportunity, keep your products in stock and ready to ship and send regular inventory updates.

Learn about our order and inventory data-integration options.
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Fast Fulfilment
Dropship capabilities are required to get started. Customers love fast shipping: get orders to customers quickly to guarantee satisfaction.

Learn how to ship fast and optimise fulfilment.
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Account Verification & Access
You’ll need your business registration number (BRN) and other legal business information on hand to get started on our partner platform, Partner Home.

You’ll use Partner Home to manage your catalog, orders, and more. Create an account for yourself and anyone on your team who will work with Wayfair.
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Regulatory Compliance
Wayfair sells safe, compliant, and lawful products. Meet or exceed all rules, regulations, and compliance standards that apply to your products.

Learn more about Wayfair's requirements by reviewing our Wayfair Supplier Code of Conduct or our Code of Conduct eLearning resources.
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Liability Insurance
You'll need a general liability insurance policy that includes product liability. €2M/£2M in general aggregate, €1M/£1M in occurrence coverage.

How we deliver a polished shopping experience:

Wayfair’s product detail and content standards create a streamlined experience that keeps shoppers coming back.

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Product Names
Our crystal-clear product names are constructed from the details you provide.*
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High-Quality Imagery
Each product is equipped with high-resolution imagery (at least 1000 x 1000 px). A mix of lifestyle & silhouette shots are highly recommended to help create an exceptional online shopping experience.
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Image Order
We find the ideal arrangement of each product’s photos to show off the features customers look for most.
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Option Grouping
We optimise option combinations for each class to make them easy to navigate.
Icon of a paper price tag
All-Inclusive Pricing
We bake shipping costs, handling fees, and more into our retail prices to give shoppers one less thing to worry about.
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One Product, One Listing
We eliminate or combine duplicate listings for the same product to keep our catalogue clean.

*May not apply to nationally recognised brands or products.

Partner Home will help you grow.

Our partner platform has everything you need to manage the day to day, get help, and build a thriving business.


  • Manage your team members & their responsibilities so that Wayfair can best communicate with your team.
  • Manage your product catalogue.
  • Update inventory.
  • Ship and fulfil orders.
  • Get paid.

  • Track your performance with dashboards and downloadable reports.
  • Find personalised growth opportunities and access new Wayfair services.

  • Use our self-serve Help Centre.
  • Access Wayfair Academy trainings and e-learning.
  • Find your Wayfair support team contacts.

Insights to boost your business:

We’ve outfitted Partner Home with plenty of ways for you to dig into your performance and chart a path to growth.

Image of workers at ecommerce fulfillment warehouse
Ship Quickly & Reliably
Stay on top of your fill rate, cancellations, returns, and order incidents in the Operations Hub.
Customer opening order from Wayfair online sales channels
Hear Customer Feedback
Dig into product reviews in Catalogue Insights to see where you’re excelling and where to improve.
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Tap Into Accelerants
Join promotions, launch ad campaigns, or submit closeout deals to clear discontinued inventory.

Let’s get your business growing on the best platform for the home.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is drop-shipping?
Drop-shipping is Wayfair’s primary method of fulfilment. A customer orders your product on our site, and we send the purchase order directly to your warehouse. You then pick, pack, and prepare to send the order directly to the customer.
What if I’m not currently drop-ship capable?
No problem! You can partner with a third-party logistics company (3PL) to ship on your behalf.
How can I get a certificate of insurance?
Commercial liability insurance is a common and straightforward product offered by most major providers. We recommend starting with your existing insurance partner or performing an internet search to learn more.
What is the base cost?
Your base cost is the starting price at which you sell your products to Wayfair. You set your base cost for each product. Wayfair then covers the cost of shipping to the customer (including last-mile shipping) and sets the retail price on-site.
Do I pay for shipping?
All orders will be billed to Wayfair’s Small Parcel, LTL or White Glove shipping accounts. You're responsible for coordinating daily pickups for Small Parcel orders and for paying for pickup fees on your own account. For Large Parcel orders, as long as you register them properly using Partner Home, Wayfair will ensure they are picked up from your facilities.
How does shipping work?
You can either use Wayfair’s prepaid shipping labels which you would print off from your Partner Home account, or you can utilise your own shipping labels and bill Wayfair third party for all costs associated with shipment.
How does payment work?
The amount that you will be paid is based on the products you sell in that time frame and the base cost you set for each of those products. We offer 2 options via ACH:
  • Net 60 payment via ACH - this means you are paid within 60 days of the invoicing date. 
  • Quick Pay: 2% 30 Net 60 ACH - this means you can be paid within 30 days of the invoicing date. Any payments made within 30 days are subject to a 2% fee for "quick payment".
What is the timeline for the onboarding process?
The timeline for the onboarding process varies, but having your business information on hand, like your business registration number, will help you move through the setup process quickly. You'll also have access to help resources and can reach out to our onboarding team if you have questions during the setup process.
Is there anything I can’t sell on Wayfair?
Not everything that goes into a home is the right fit for Wayfair. Products we don’t carry include: exercise and cardio machines, medicine and medical devices, baby rattles and pacifiers, bicycles, skateboards, power tools, furs, and computer software and hardware. Additionally, your business practices and products must comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct in order to start selling on Wayfair.
Do I receive assistance to get started on Wayfair?
In your first 90 days on Wayfair, you’ll receive a dedicated Onboarding Success Coach who will work with you to develop actionable steps to position your business for success on Wayfair.