Transform your business from local to global.

Wayfair makes it easy to expand into new markets and develop an international e-commerce presence.

Homes worldwide trust Wayfair.

85% brand recognition
in Canada.
77% brand recognition
in the United Kingdom.
A top-three brand
for delivery and selection in
Canada and the UK.

Where you’ll find us:

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Plug into our international infrastructure.

Image of Container ships at dock for ecommerce international shipping
CastleGate provides international shipping capabilities, and current customers can use the same ports, containers, and consolidation centres everywhere.
Wayfair shipping boxes at a Wayfair international ecommerce fulfillment center
We’re building a rock-solid brand in every country we operate in – which means room for you to grow.
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Account Management
Everywhere we operate, we have teams ready to support your business.

How to get started:

Building a global catalogue.

The best candidates for international expansion fit into local markets and are ready to sell at scale. Here’s what to focus on.

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Top-Notch Media & Content
home decor supplier advertising of customer putting away recent purchases
Satisfying Local Tastes
Every market is different. Dig into what local shoppers like so you can deliver it.
A person at a global ecommerce fulfillment warehouse pulling product off shelf on a forklift
Guaranteed Availability
Use global production cycles to maximise order quantities in multiple markets and increase demand worldwide.

Try out our other top tips for operations.

Everything in sync.

Whichever new market you take your business to, we take the fuss out of managing your products so you can focus on growth.

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For Partners Entering Europe or the US
We’ll clone the products you want to carry in your new market, then translate all your product content (descriptions, specs, and even reviews) to give your listings a head start.
Illustration of laptop with reference to UK on screen
For US Partners Entering the UK
Simple: We’ll replicate your U.S. catalogue on, keeping your product content and reviews intact for seamless expansion.

Guarantee safety and compliance.

Every product on Wayfair needs to comply with local regulations. Before entering a new market, check up on its product standards and tax and customs policies.

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