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Accelerate your business on the online platform built just for you.

Home isn’t just a category – it’s our specialty.

Wayfair doesn’t just sell home goods – it was built from the ground up to deliver a specialised experience just for the home, making our platform the ideal place to sell furniture online.

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Over Twenty-two million customers turn to us for their homes.
The home is a special place. Whatever their spaces need, our customers know they’ll find it on Wayfair.
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We’re the experts in delivering home goods.
If it goes into a home, we can ship it on time and intact. Couches, washing machines, mirrors – no sweat.
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We have next-level insights and recommendations.
We’ll connect you with data to reveal our customers’ needs and show you how to grow your business.

Millions of products, one great experience.

The home is deeply personal – that’s why shoppers browse endlessly to find the perfect products for their spaces. We blend an open online platform with a polished experience to help every shopper find just what they need.

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A World of Options
With a catalogue of millions of great products sourced from partners like you, Wayfair offers customers endless options for any type of product. Our unparalleled selection makes us the clear choice for any home shopping journey.
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A Cohesive, Delightful Experience
Specialising in the home enables us to tailor our shopping experience to its unique needs. Our fulfilment network, merchandising, and even our partner services and technology are all designed just for the home category.

Hear how our leaders say Wayfair can help you grow your business.

What we sell:

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Living Room
Kitchen, Dining & Bar
Hallway Furniture & Storage
Game Room
Image of low rectangular planter with plants in it
Garden Furniture
Barbecues & Outdoor Cooking
Garden Shades
Outdoor Décor
Outdoor Lighting
Hot Tubs, Pools & Saunas
Outdoor Play
Outdoor Heating
Garage & Outdoor Storage
Fencing & Gates
Image of a yellow-orange patterned rug
Area Rugs
Outdoor Rugs
One-of-a-Kind Rugs
Children’s Rugs
Mats & Doormats
Image of two white folded towels stacked on top of each other
Bedding & Bath
Bedding Essentials
Mattress Foundations
Bathroom Accessories & Organization
Bath Linen
Shower Curtains & Accessories
Bathroom Remodel & Bathroom Fixtures
Image of 2 orange patterned pillows
Home Décor
Home Accessories
Window Treatments
Flowers & Plants
Wall Art
Wall Décor
Candles & Candle Holders
Photo Frames & Albums
Cushions & Throws
Seasonal Décor
Image of two natural woven organizational baskets
Storage & Organisation
Bedroom & Closet Organisation
Shoe Storage
Garden & Garage Storage
Kitchen Storage & Organisation
Bathroom Organisation
Cleaning & Laundry
Storage Baskets & Containers
Wall Shelving & Organisation
Storage Furniture
Desktop Organisation
Image of a modern brass and glass sputnik chandelier
Ceiling Lights
Table & Floor Lamps
LED Lighting
Light Bulbs
Wall Lights
Outdoor Lighting
Ceiling Fans
Image of a turquoise KitchenAid stand mixer
Kitchenware & Tableware
Tableware & Serveware
Cookware & Bakeware
Kitchen Utensils & Tools
Kitchen Storage & Organisation
Small Kitchen Appliances
Cutting & Chopping Tools
Bar & Wine
Coffee, Espresso & Tea
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen & Pantry Cabinets
Image of a white baby crib with an upholstered back
Children & Nursery
Nursery Furniture
Nursery Bedding
Children's Décor & Lighting
Children's Bedding & Bath
Children's Furniture
Teen Bedroom Furniture
Teen Décor & Lighting
Teen Bedding
Playroom & Toys
Children's Storage & Organisation
Outdoor Play
Image of a gold kitchen sink faucet
DIY & Plumbing
Bathroom Remodel & Bathroom Fixtures
Kitchen Remodel & Kitchen Fixtures
Heating, Cooling & Air Quality
Floor Tiles
Doors & Door Furniture
Image of a stainless steel refrigerator with a smart touch screen on the door
Kitchen Appliances
Washers & Dryers
Small Kitchen Appliances
Heating, Cooling & Air Quality
Vacuums & Deep Cleaners
Image of brown dog in a blue couch dog bed
Dog Furniture
Cat Furniture
Pet Gates
Chicken Coops
Rabbit Hutches & Cages
Bird Cages
Pet Bowls & Feeders

See your products here?

Ensure your business practices and products comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

An intuitive platform and support when you need it.

An All-Inclusive Partner Site

Partner Home will help you manage your catalogue, fulfil orders, get paid, and capitalise on insights and growth opportunities.

Specialised Support Teams

Our experts know their way around the industry, and they’re ready to help any time, any way. In your first 90 days on Wayfair, you’ll work directly with a dedicated Onboarding Success Coach. They’ll help you craft a strategy and develop actionable steps to position your business for success on Wayfair.

Learning & Development Resources

Wayfair Academy offers on-demand online videos and live training webinars that equip you with everything you need to accelerate on Wayfair.

Services designed for home goods.

Our partners’ success is our success. That’s why we’ve built a suite of services designed to help every part of your business excel once you're on Wayfair.

Tap into CastleGate’s forwarding and fulfilment services for an end-to-end supply chain solution, or mix and match the services your business needs.
Capture customers at any step of the funnel – including those looking for products just like yours – with our pay-per-click ad services.

How to get started:

Number 1 in white on purple circle
Prepare your catalogue and gather product content and media. Ensure that your business practices and products comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

You’ll also need your business registration number on hand, along with other legal business information, to verify your business.
Number 2 in white on a purple circle
Set up your account on Partner Home, our partner platform.
Number 3 in white on a purple circle
Sign our drop-ship agreement, configure your inventory feed and upload your insurance.
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Upload your catalogue and get ready to sell.

Check out our Wayfair Onboarding Checklist to learn more about what it takes to become a partner.

Tap into our growth channels.

Ready for the next big thing? You’ll find room to grow with our specialty brands and international storefronts.

24 March 2023, 10:25 am
Our dedicated home for designers, contractors, offices, and more..
24 March 2023, 10:28 am
Wayfair is a leading retailer in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Let’s get your business growing on the best platform for the home.

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Frequently asked questions:

Are there fees for listing products on Wayfair?
No. Wayfair doesn’t charge our partners fees or take a cut from their sales like other companies do. We operate as a retailer with a wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our suppliers the base cost of their items, and we set a retail price that’s fair and competitive.
What if I have questions once I join the platform?
We’ve built out an extensive library of help content available throughout Partner Home. You can submit tickets through Partner Home which are immediately directed to Wayfair specialists and acted upon accordingly.
How does Wayfair set retail prices?
Wayfair uses a dynamic pricing system that continuously learns about items’ optimum prices and adjusts them. We strive to set a level playing field so that similar products have uniform margins. Our partners’ wholesale base costs are a major component of the retail formula. Shipping costs, inventory positioning, incident rates, and other factors will also impact retail pricing.
What portion of my catalogue will Wayfair carry?
We recommend that our partners carry their full catalogue of compliant goods within the categories that Wayfair sells. Providing your full product assortment will help you reach more customers (and grow your business) faster.

To ensure your products are compliant, please review our Supplier Code of Conduct.
What if my products are made to order?
Not a problem! Wayfair carries plenty of made-to-order products. Just provide accurate lead times so our customers know when to expect their orders.
Can I still offer products to Wayfair if I’m not based in North America or Europe?
Yes! We work with partners from around the world. You can participate on any of our websites in North America and Europe, as long as you meet the minimum requirements to sell in each region.
Can I participate in CastleGate Fulfilment from the start?
Our CastleGate Fulfilment program is available to partners that have finished onboarding and started selling. Once you launch, you can work with your Account Management team to learn more about how to join CastleGate.
How can I opt in to Wayfair’s end-to-end logistics network?
Once you’re up and running on CastleGate Fulfillment, work with your Account Management team to determine if you are eligible for Wayfair’s end-to-end supply chain services, including consolidation, ocean freight, and drayage.
How can I participate in promotions on Wayfair?
We let our partners know when it’s time to submit discounts for major promotions and shopping holidays. You can also join other promotional options like closeout sales on Partner Home.

Here’s a tip: Lowering a product’s wholesale base cost at any time makes it more likely to be included in our everyday promotional events.
How can I participate in Wayfair’s advertising programs?
You can sign up for our performance marketing tools, which help you secure ads in premium real estate on-site and stand out from the competition, on Partner Home.

The best part? Our ads are pay-per-click, which means they cost you nothing until they engage customers.